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Frequently Asked


  • Can I exercise while cleansing?
    Take it easy! If you want to move, we suggest a light walk or stretching.
  • Can I drink anything other than juice?
    Yes! We encourage our clients to drink water throughout their cleanse, and find that warm herbal tea can be a refreshing treat as well. Though it is best to stay away from caffine and alcohol.
  • Can you make custom Juices?
    Yes! We can provide custom juices for parties, events, birthdays, Barmitzvas, Botmitzvas, Christmas, Hannakuah, Kawanza, Election day, Black friday, Cyber monday, Leif erikson day, the Fourth of July, the Fifth of July, and really any other occasion.
  • How will I get my Juice?
    We provide delivery to those around the Orlando area. Once your cleanse is ordered, it will be ready within 48 hours.
  • When is the best time to consume my juice?
    We reccomend consuming your Juice within 5 days of delivery, otherwise the nutrition fairies will come pee in it.
  • How should I prepare for my cleanse?
    We find in order to ease the transition from solid foods to exclusivley juice, it can be helpful to cut out meat, dairy, and processed foods in the days leading up to your cleanse.
  • What order should I drink my Juices and how often?
    Typically it is best to consume a juice every 2-3 hours. We enjoy starting the morning off with red or orange Juices for the first half of the day, then enjoying the green juices in the evening.
  • Are you able to ship Juice to Timbuktu?
    Shipping is currently not an option. Please feel free to contact us to see if you are within our delivery radius. We will continue to explore the realms of quantum teleporation and drone delivery in an effort to better serve our customers.
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